Our experienced dentist may recommend a night guard to protect your smile while you sleep. This custom-made oral appliance is most frequently used to treat TMJ disorders or help manage bruxism. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Karima Daniel and find out if a night guard in Norwalk, Connecticut, is right for you, call Daniel Dental Studio today at 203-803-1645.

Night guards are a custom oral appliance used to protect your oral health while you are asleep. These mouth guards are used primarily to prevent negative effects from bruxism, unconscious teeth grinding and clenching, but they can also be used to relieve symptoms of TMJ disorders. If you frequently wake up with a headache or a sore jaw or teeth, a night guard might be able to help you.

Other signs of nighttime grinding and clenching include:

  • Pain in other parts of the head, such as the neck and ears
  • Migraines and tension headaches
  • Tightness in the jaw
  • Damaged teeth
  • Pain or damage to the tongue
  • Sensitive teeth

A night guard will keep your teeth from coming together, cushioning any unconscious tooth movement and protecting teeth from damaging each other. If you need a night guard, we will be happy to make you one from impressions of your bite. Please contact our office if you would like to learn more and get started.