Dental exams are a key part of keeping your smile healthy. Our dentist will perform an exam during your regular visits to Daniel Dental Studio to monitor your oral health and check for any signs of developing problems so that we can provide you with any care you may need. Call our office today at 203-803-1645 to learn more about dental exams in Norwalk, Connecticut, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Karima Daniel!

Regular dental exams are crucial in making sure your smile is staying healthy. Regardless of how well you brush and floss at home, there are certain things that only our dentist and team can help keep healthy, and we want to make sure you receive that care as often as you need it.

During an exam, we will check your teeth, gums and other supporting structures for any signs of potential problems. We may also use X-rays or other imaging devices to get a closer look under the gumline or at specific teeth. Some things we will be looking for included cavities, signs of gum disease, bone loss, oral cancer and more.

After your exam, we will discuss our findings with you and whether you need any further treatment. With regular exams, we can help make sure small problems are taken care of before they become more serious, and we will always make sure you know what your treatment options are for any issues we discover.

If you would like to learn more and set up your next dental exam with our dentist, contact us today!